What is the Difference between Cable Assembly and Harness Assembly?

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First of all, let's understand each word of the combined term "cable assembly". A cable is an insulated wire or wires having a protective casing for transmitting electricity or telecommunication signals. What about assembly? We all know this is grouping. So factually, the cable assembly is a collection of cables or wires wrapped in an insulating material, jacked in a protective cover, which is the final layer. The cables should be grouped with precision within the desired length and orientation for quick and easy installation though they vary in sizes and length, like 2.92mm cable assembly, 3.4mm cable assembly, etc. Cable assembly is often used in mass production which leads to time-saving during the assembly of equipment when it is repeatedly used for each manufactured unit. Consequently, people tend to confuse harness assembly and cable assembly.

Harness assembly is the arrangement or grouping of wires/cables into a single unit for organization and protection with different terminals and connectors attached. It's specially designed to like a bundling system to keep many cables and wire organized, it bundles and clamps to terminal or connector to form a piece. Mostly used in the automotive industry, electronics industry, manufacture of construction machinery and industrial equipment, in manufacturing household appliances like washing machines, dryers, and other appliances. Though it’s best for indoor use

Cable assembly is a group of wires or arranged together into a single unit for a particular purpose to provide the power of several different cables. It is designed to hold and organize many electrical wires safely from strong vibrations that might cause friction thus worn-out problems, and other factors. Here the cables act like one thick wire but the cables inside work separately. It is durable, hence can work outdoor and indoor. They come in a variety like multi-conductor, coaxial/RF, complex military, gppo connector which is a sub-miniature, push-on, high performance, microwave interconnect system. Regardless of what you might need, get in touch with Gwave Technology a reliable supplier in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF in the world's largest variety of over 10,000 products, and microwave components like connectors and cable assemblies covering DC to 110GHZ band, for commercial, industrial, space, and military applications. The customer service will assist to get the desired item of high quality with the best prices for your orders online on the website. Or if you want speedy accessibility of cables assembly, you can get them through our wholesalers.

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