What are RF coaxial connectors, and How are they Used?

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RF coaxial connectors are electrical radio frequency connectors that are used together with coaxial cables in the multi-megahertz range. The work of the coaxial cables here is to maintain the shielding and reduce signal reflection or power loss.

In most cases, RF connectors are used to carry radio frequency signals and offer a higher level of screening. You can find high-quality RF coaxial connectors at Gwave Technology Inc and at very affordable prices.

Common Types of RF Coaxial Connectors and Their Uses

  • BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman)

The BNC RF connector has the Bayonet fastening mechanism, and the impedance is either 70 or 50 ohms. You will find such connectors benign used together with coaxial cables in RF electronic equipment, radio, or television. The frequency limit for this one is 4 GHz.

  • N-Type

The N-type is a high-performance connector used in power transmitters, receivers, broadcast, and communications equipment. It uses the threaded fastening mechanism and has a frequency limit of 11 GHz, although some versions can also perform at 18 GHz.

  • SMA (Sub-Miniature A)

The SMA connector is way smaller than the BNC. It is best for RF connectivity between microwaves filters, oscillators, attenuators, boards, and mixers. They have a high-frequency limit of 18 GHz and a secure connection thanks to the threaded fastening mechanism.

  • SMB (Sub-Miniature B)

The fastening mechanism used here is snap-on, and the frequency limit is 4 GHz. The SMB connectors have a diameter of either 3mm or 2.2mm. They are so small that they can only be used in assembly connections within the equipment. These connectors are also good for inter-board connections.

  • TNC (Threaded Neill-Concelman)

This is more like the BNC connector with a threaded fastening mechanism. Due to that, the TNC is able to perform at a much higher frequency than the BNC connector. For TNC connectors, the diameter of the male is 15mm, while that of the female is 9.6mm.


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