What Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right RF Connectors

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Coaxial cable assemblies are found in almost every electronic system and come in a wide variety of connectors that are used for RF applications. These RF Connectors have a simple yet critical task of transferring signals from one location to the other, with little or no change to the signal.

Choosing the right coaxial cables can be made easier if you know what to look for when making a purchase. Here are some factors to consider when buying RF connectors;

  • Types of Connectors

There are many different types of RF connectors available, and they all differ in shape, size, and frequency range utilized for a wide range of purposes. The common types include; Type N, UHF connectors, TNC connectors, BNC connectors, SMA, and Precision connectors like 1.0mm Connector. When buying RF connectors, all you have to do is choose one according to the specification needed for a specific application.

  • Characteristic Impedance

Determining the characteristic impedance of a coaxial cable is essential. The SI unit for measuring impedance in Ohms and most connectors operate between 50 to 95 Ohms. It is important that RF connectors have a characteristic impedance that matches that of the cable. If not, a discontinuity is introduced, and losses may result.

  • Frequency of Operation

The frequency refers to the number of times a periodic action occurs in a one-second unit. The SI unit for measuring frequency is hertz. RF connectors are grouped into series, and each series is designed to operate in a certain frequency range. SMA connectors have a wide frequency range of 0-18 GHz, making them an ideal connector for many applications.

  • The Insertion Loss

Insertion loss also referred to as attenuation, refers to the amount of signal power lost in transmission due to the device interference. The insertion loss is affected by various factors, including coax cable type and length. The ultimate goal of any RF connector is to minimize attenuation so, the further the signal must travel, the higher the attenuation.


Whether you are looking for a 2.4mm Connector or 1.85mm Connector, make sure you review all of the factors discussed above to help you find the right RF connectors. If you are looking for quality RF connectors, then visit Gwave Technology, a leading supplier in the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of RF and microwave components. Our product expertise includes adaptors, connectors, cable assemblies, loads, attenuators, and other components.

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