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Saving a few bucks in everything we do is everyone’s mentality these days. The same mindset is even repeated when dealing with antennas and coaxial cables. The truth is you can’t utilize the antenna without the cable, but why on earth should you go for the cheapest cables available? They say you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on your RF cables, but you should recognize that using cheap and problematic cables could render your expensive gadget useless. You should stop using cheap RF cables for your devices. Before getting deeper into that, you should get some knowledge on RF cables and end launch connectors. So what are end launch connectors?

An end launch connector is a coaxial connector that is used to connect a coaxial cable to a test board. The connector is mounted at the edge on a PCB board and is used to transition microwave energy from a coaxial cable to a circuit on a PB board. End launch connectors are the most preferred ones than their counterparts because their design minimizes reflections. They are also typically used for high-frequency options, or where high performance is required.

Making the best out of the developing interests in the coaxial cable market today, Gwave technology is offering you the best coaxial connectors that you ever wanted. The offered micro coax connector is created with the most recent innovation with business standards considerations. This means that depending on your requests and prerequisites, you can be given exactly what you need. If you are looking for the best coax and micro coax connectors online you are in the right place. Our number of lists includes the;

  • 92mm male connector for .086’ series cables
  • 92mm female connector for .086’ series cables
  • 92mm male connector for .141’ series cables
  • 92mm male connector for CXN3506 Low Loss Cable

These are just some out of the many up-to-date coaxial cables available. Due to up to date innovations the company is trying to employ, you rarely get the wrong cable. The truth is there is a lot to consider when purchasing cables and should never be seen as an afterthought. Don’t fall for cheap cables and downgrade your gadgets. To be on the safer side, Gwave Technology offers quality and the best cables to improve your connections. Do visit our website to get the best and most recent innovation of the coaxial cables that will match your needs.

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