Gwave Technology offers all Types of Connector and Cable Assembly

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Gwave Technology is known for the distribution, manufacturing, and design of microwave constituents and RF, such as connectors and cable assemblies, for military, industrial, commercial applications, and space, such as: CATV, Cellular Wireless, RFID, Mil-Spec, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment, WiMax, Receivers, Satellite applications, and Transmitters Aerospace. Fast reply, in demand quality standards, inventive design, value pricing, quick turnaround, best customer service, and in time delivery have assisted make this company an industry leader. With almost ten varied product lines representing a number of custom models and off-the-shelf, Gwave offers the largest range of over 10,000 RF products. Thus, it is a reliable company.

What we offer?

  • Cable Assemblies

The engineering plan a huge scope of wire saddles and cable assemblies connection like 2.92 mm cable assembly adds in high force, over-molded, and closed-the-rack choices that support all ventures. As a universal maker, we offer work to-print assets and snappy reaction times for cites, tests, models, and 3D drawings.

  • Connectors

If you wish to make a lasting cable connection, the premium RF connectors like gppo connector are here. Of late, traditional test methods have essential well-timed soldering and a limited number of test ports for every board. Precision Compression GPPO connector offers a more sleek answer with an upright mount design for position anyplace on the PCB, allowing more test connectors to be placed near parts being examined. The design also lessens installation costs and time by eliminating repairing from the process.

Our values

Our core values are unchanged by the trends of the market or day conditions and are so very part of the traditions. They are:

  • To determinedly pursue constant improvement and excellence in products, processes, and services.
  • We maintain curiosity towards the world and have an obsession for lifelong learning. We believe in continuous self improvement and in developing our management skills.
  • We consider for the individual and respect investing in each other's development.

We perform ourselves with inflexible honesty and integrity as individuals, as squads, and as an establishment. We resist earning enduring trustworthiness with others, which we think, is very important to lasting business and personal relationships.

Contact us

If you want to reach our company or want to get quotes, or to place orders you can give a call on Gwave Technical Support team on the phone numbers in the website. Besides, you can email them as well. The technical support executives are at all times all set to offer technical application assistance, product specifications, or to build a custom product.

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