Cable Assemblies 2.92mm

Get excellent return and low VSWR with cable assembly

If you are looking for high-quality cable assembly online, you have come to the right end. Gwavetech offers a high-speed 2.92mm cable assembly characterized by low solder wicking and high adaptability, which enables tight bends beyond the cable ferrule.

Excellent solution for demanding applications

Our durable 2.92 mm cable assembly provides an excellent solution for demanding applications requiring high-frequency transmission while providing high mechanical stability and excellent repeatability. Our cable is well-matched for usage in a diversity of industries containing military and aerospace, 5G wirelesses, and equipment. This flexible assembly permits for a tight bend radius while providing low VSWR and outstanding return and enclosure loss.

Cable assembly for reliable connection

Our 2.92 mm cable is plotted with a robust RF intersect similar to the SMA interface with a smaller internal body width and air dielectric to support a greater frequency range of up to 40 GHz. The magnetic cable connector sets include pins loaded with the spring of magnetic edges to create a reliable and simply removable connection perfect for a wide degree of locations. These cable assemblies are of high powered strength and durable with all types of assembly. At Gwavetech, we have designed all of the cables for maximum signal performance and manufacturability to reduce your overall system and cable assembly cost.

Each cable assembly at our online shop is fully tested so that you will always get the reliable performance that you are searching for. The whole customization capabilities to change or generate magnetic links or connector designs are tailored mostly to the customer's want.

Besides, at our store, you will also find the best GPPO RF connector that is perfect for high-frequency performance.