Get maximum performance with high-quality RF connectors

Check out our RF connector selection at Gwavetech. We have different sizes and types of RF connectors in stock. Each connector is made of high-quality material so that you will always get high-frequency signals for your applications. Whether you are looking for gppo RF connector or an SMP RF connector, shop the best RF connector from Gwavetech for maximum performance.

High-quality gppo RF connector

Our GPPO connectors are completely made of high-quality materials that will give you a long-lasting cable connection. Our Precision Compression-Mount Microwave Test GPPO connector deals a more efficient solution with a vertical base design for placement anyplace on the PCB, enabling more test connectors to be placed around the parts being verified. The compression-mount design of our connector also decreases installation time and costs by removing soldering from the procedure. Find the high-quality GPPO 2.92 mm RF connector at Gwavetech.

High-piece MMPX connector

Further, the MMPX connector from Gwavetech is a Snap-on coaxial –to-PCB solution that operates from DC to 65 GHz and has data rates up to 80 Gbps. They involve cable connectors and assemblies, PCB connectors, and converters. This solution features excellent electrical performance in a compact size and is suitable for applications such as high-speed digital testing and radio frequency testing, industrial, mobile communication, space, and defence. We also have a 2.92 mm connector that will feature excellent electrical performance for your application.

Order now the best RF connector for your applications from Gwavetech. We have a wide selection of choices available, then why prefer other places to buy RF connectors? We also offer high-quality cable assembly that are perfect for durability and feature outstanding performance.