2.92mm Connectors for 086 /141 Coax Cable, DC-40GHz

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Use Coaxial cable connectors for different purposes

Coaxial or coax cables are electrical cables produced to carry high-frequency, multi-megahertz electrical signals. They hold an inner leading wire, usually copper, surrounded by a defensive double cloistering layer and then an outer plastic sheath, giving them a distinctive entrance. Gwavetech offers the best selection of coaxial cable connectors, whether you are looking for male or female connectors.

Get various types of Coaxial cable connectors

We offer a diversity of types, distinguished by their gauge and impedance. Gauge refers to the width of the cable and is given a given Radio Guide or RG number, with higher numbers representing thinner leading cores. Impedance refers to the level of electrical resistance in the wire. Most male coaxial cable connectors have an impedance of either 75 or 50 Ohms. The former is chiefly used for video signals and the latter for data.

Uses of Coaxial cable termination

Our male coax connector is used for several different drives and so the connectors are equally varied. Each type and size is sensibly designed to mesh flawlessly with the host cable and function in different, sometimes quite tough situations. They must resist stressors such as impact, weight, and high temperature.

We also offer the micro coax connector which is a smaller diversity of connectors used for test tools, radio, television, and other equipment. These connectors are also made of quality materials that will offer coax termination for a long-run service without any hassle.

Thus, to get a micro coaxial cable connector for your applications, always prefer the Gwavetech online store.

Apart from that, we also provide an SMA end launch connector that offers a high range of performance in any condition.

Part Number List:

 2.92-JB2-1  2.92mm Male Connector for .086' Series Cables
2.92-KB2  2.92mm Female Connector for .086' Series Cables
2.92-JB3  2.92mm Male Connector for .141' Series Cables
2.92-JU2  2.92mm Male Connector for CXN3506 Low Loss Cable


 Frequency DC-40GHz
VSWR 1.25
Body Material Stainless Steel
Operation Temp. -40~+85deg.

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