Put in strong and durable ranges of SMA connectors

The SMA attenuator is most commonly used in microwave systems, handheld radio, and mobile telephone antennas, and, more recently, with Wi-Fi antenna systems and USB software-defined radio dongles. Get durable and dependable SMA attenuators online at Gwavetech. We have a great selection of attenuators that are made of high-quality materials.

SMA bulkhead connector is an incredible workhorse

Our SMA connector female or male is an incredible workhorse, offering a wide variety of applications from which it can provide the perfect solution. Because of its versatility, the SMA connector is used in every industry from telecommunication to medical. Here, you will find different dimensions, and mechanical properties that are used for different applications such as RF communications up to 18 GHz. Besides, you will also find SMA end launch connector provides a strong and durable connection that minimizes reflections limiting attenuation and makes it a great choice when working with microwave frequencies.

Install the best SMA bulkhead connector

Bulkhead SMA male connector and female connector offered at Gwavetech always give you a high-power connection. Our wide selection of sizes permits you the freedom to select your functional need. Select SMA male and female connectors as per the requirement of your applications. Our strong and durable ranges of connectors are perfect for your wide area of applications.

Besides, Gwavetech also offers a Mini SMP connector that is an extremely small coaxial connector, approximately 70% of the standard SMP size. They are intended for applications up to 65 GHz and mainly high-speed signal broadcast. Our SMP female connector is well-proven, posing a high level of elasticity in alignment acceptances and simplifying the whole production procedure.

We also provide different dimensions of RF cable connector that will provide a high level of flexibility for various applications.