2.4mm Female Connector with 2-hole Flange, Hole Spacing 12.2mm, Metal Through-plate,DC-50GHz

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Gwave provide a group of 2.4mm Female Flange Mount and Metal through-plate connectors, using frequency up to 50GHz. This series of connectors have 2-Hole flange, flange size is 15.8mmX 5.7mm and the space of flange hole is 12.2mm .  They have different Through-plate matel diameter and length,  different tail Pin diameter and Length. Please refer to the picture, drawing and the corresponding size to select the product you need.

Part Number List:

2.4-KFD0401  Φ1=0.3mm,Φ2=4mm, L1=1.5mm,L2=1.4mm  
2.4-KFD0402 Φ1=0.3mm,Φ2=4mm, L1=1.5mm,L2=3mm  


Frequency DC-50GHz
Insertion Loss  ≤ 0.05 xSqt.(f_GHz) dB
VSWR 1.15
Body Material Stainless Steel
Mount Method 2-Hole Flange
Size 15.8mmX 5.7mm
Operation Temp. -55~+165deg.

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