1.0mm Female Field Replaceable Connector with 4 Hole Flange, 6.35mm Hole Spacing,DC-110GHz

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These are a group of 1.0mm female field replaceble connectors with 4-Hole flange. The flange size is 9.52mmX9.52mm and the space of flange hole is 6.35mm . The acceptable pin diameters is 0.23mm. They are used with glass beads of corresponding size and available with both male and female connector types.

Part Number List:

1.0-KFD0223  Accepts Pin Diameter:0.23mm


Frequency DC-110GHz
Insertion Loss  ≤ 0.1 xSqt.(f_GHz) dB
VSWR 1.45
Body Material Stainless Steel
Mount Method 4-Hole Flange
Size 9.52mmX 9.52mm
Operation Temp. -55~+165deg.

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