2.92mm Male to 2.92mm Male Using GT142A Ultra-low loss (2.2dB/m@40GHz) and Phase-Stable cable, DC-40GHz

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GAA1 series products provided by Gwave are RF cable assemblies with ultra-low loss, with a loss of 2.2dB/m@40GHz.  And We have one  without armor cable assembly and  4 kinds of armor cable assemblies for customers to choose.

 A1 armor features: very soft, waterproof and uv resistant, wear and shear resistant, distortion resistant and high tensile strength;

 A2 armor features: high temperature resistance, prevent excessive bending, wear resistance to shear, cost-effective; 

A3 armor features: very flexible, resistant to excessive bending, wear and shear resistance; 

A4 armor features: waterproof, prevent excessive bending, wear and shear resistance, cost-effective. 

 Part Number List:

Without Armor
GAA1-292M292M-XXXA1 With Polyurethane Jacket Over Braid Stainless Steel Spiral Armor
GAA1-292M292M-XXXA2 With Stainless Steel Interlocked Hose Armor
GAA1-292M292M-XXXA3 With Stainless Steel Wire Covered By Tin Plated Copper Wire And Nomex Braid
GAA1-292M292M-XXXA4 With Stainless Steel Interlocked Hose With Polyurethane Jacket



1.All cable assemblies can be provided with phase-matched pairs or groups;

2.Customized lengths are available for all cable assemblies;

3. If you need phase matched or customized length cable assemblies, please leave a message when you place an online order or email to sales@gwavetech.com for support. 

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