2.92mm Solderless End Launch Connectors,DC-40GHz

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2.92-KHD23 and 2.92-KYHD23 are two of the solderless PCB connectors of Gwave developed. In order to ensure electrical performance, we recommend using this product with center pin welding. If you want to achieve complete weld-free, we recommend you to use our other weld-free products, such as SMA-KFD0830 2.92-KFD0830 and so on.

Part Number List:

 2.92-KHD23  2.92mm Female Connector
2.92-KYHD23  2.92mm Bulkhead Female Connector


 Frequency DC-40GHz
VSWR 1.25
Body Material Stainless Steel
Operation Temp. -40~+85deg.

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