1.85mm Female Field Replaceable Connector 2-Hole Flange, 12.2mm Hole Spacing, DC-65GHz

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These are a group of 1.85mm female field replaceble connectors with 2-hole flange. The flange size is 15.8mm and the space of flange hole is 12.2mm.The acceptable pin diameters are 0.23mm and 0.30mm. They are used with glass beads of corresponding size and available with both male and female connector types.

Part Number List:

1.85-KFD0423 Accepts Pin Diameter:0.23mm
1.85-KFD0430 Accepts Pin Diameter:0.30mm


Frequency DC-65GHz
Insertion Loss  ≤ 0.05 xSqt.(f_GHz) dB
VSWR 1.25
Body Material Stainless Steel
Mount Method 2-Hole Flange
Flange Size 15.8mm
Hole Spacing 12.2mm
Hole Siz 2.6mm
Operation Temp. -40~+85deg.

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