2.4mm to 2.4mm using Flexiform 405 FJ Semi-flexible Cable,DC-50GHz

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 Part Number List:

GA712-24M24M-XXX 2.4mm Male to 2.4mm Male
GA712-24M24F-XXX 2.4mm Male to 2.4mm Female
GA712-24F24F-XXX 2.4mm Female to 2.4mm Female
GA712-24M24FF-XXX 2.4mm Male to 2.4mm 4-Hole Flange Female
GA712-24FF24FF-XXX 2.4mm 4-Hole Flange Female to 2.4mm 4-Hole Flange Female



1.All cable assemblies can be provided with phase-matched pairs or groups;

2.Customized lengths are available for all cable assemblies;

3. If you need phase matched or customized length cable assemblies, please leave a message when you place an online order or email to sales@gwavetech.com for support. 

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