Cable Assemblies

Flexible coaxial cable assemblies for transmitting RF signals 

Get durable and reliable cable assemblies online at Gwavetech. We have a range of assemblies extending from simple jumpers to power and high-speed data cables to difficult harnesses. They are used in a wide diversity of applications and industries to intersect components, sub-systems, and equipment.

Incorporate high-power coaxial cable assemblies

We deal a robust portfolio of coaxial assemblies for use in radio frequency applications. Our coaxial assemblies are a perfect answer for assigning RF signals from one connection to the next within a system. Also, custom cable assemblies are accessible and deal a more tailored solution than standard produces. Our tested flexible coaxial cable assemblies feature additional phase stability and low loss capabilities which make them ideal for test and measurement laboratory.

 Wide area use for coaxial cable assemblies

At Gwavetech, you will always find different sizes and types of coaxial assemblies, including gppo cable assembly, micro coaxial assembly, and other types of selection. They are most often used to connect a Printed Circuit Board to other boards but can also be used for I/O connections and to connect external antennas to wireless modules. Along with unique design features, our coaxial cable assembly allows standard assemblies to meet the specific design requirements of various applications across the market.

With so many options in coaxial assembly which is also known as cable harness assembly at Gwavetech, we are one of the best destinations for buying cable assembly for your applications. We offer an easy-to-use website, where you can easily get different sizes of micro coaxial cable assembly according to your requirement.

We also deal with high-quality end launch connectors that will always provide you the high power service without any problems.